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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Earning Your Certificate in Blockchain and Digital AssetsSM

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Earning Your Certificate in Blockchain and Digital AssetsSM

What is the DACFP Learning Center?2023-03-12T12:58:22-04:00

The DACFP Learning Center is an online resource that helps you learn about blockchain and digital assets. It’s the home of the DACFP Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets course, as well as other courses and content provided by DACFP.

Why should I take this course?2023-03-12T13:03:50-04:00

Crypto represents the first new asset class in 170 years. (The last time an asset class was introduced was the discovery of oil in the 1850s.) This innovative technology, which is widely regarded as “Internet 3.0”, is projected to impact commerce on a global scale – allowing businesses to operate faster, cheaper and safer than ever before. The resulting financial planning and investment implications demand attention.

This is why you need to become fluent in crypto – and the fastest, easiest and most effective way for you to do so is to obtain your Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets. And by obtaining your Certificate, you’ll not only become knowledgeable about crypto, your display of your Certificate will let you promote your achievement – helping to build your career.

So, whether you’re in the financial services industry, a member of the crypto community, or among the crypto-curious, you’ll gain many benefits by learning about this new and innovative technology.

How much knowledge about crypto do I need in order to benefit from this course?2023-03-12T13:06:15-04:00

None. The Certificate program begins with introductory modules as well as deeper sessions. We also offer Basic and Advanced tracks, so you can decide how much you want to learn. Whether you are a compliance officer holding a law degree or merely “crypto curious,” you’ll benefit from this extensive and enlightening course.

Will my firm’s compliance team approve this course?2023-03-12T13:08:14-04:00

Each organization establishes its own policies. That said, the Certificate course has endorsed by the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards, Investment Adviser Association, Money Management Institute, Investments and Wealth Institute, Financial Planning Association, National Association of Professional Financial Advisors, XY Planning Network and many others. DACFP is also the official crypto education partner for Charles Schwab, Fidelity and many other financial services firms.

We are happy to talk with your Legal & Compliance team about the course. No firm would prevent you from taking the course; the only question is whether you’re allowed to publicly promote the fact that you’ve completed the course.

My firm does not allow us to do anything with crypto. Why should I take this course?2023-03-12T13:10:01-04:00

It doesn’t matter whether or not your firm allows you to recommend crypto to clients. The fact is that many of your clients own crypto, and many others are curious about it. The Certificate course gives you the knowledge you need about tax, estate planning and risk management so that you know how to answer client questions.

You’ll also learn how to become aware of your clients’ outside investments in crypto so that you can adjust your financial planning and investment recommendations accordingly. None of this has anything to do with actually recommending crypto; it’s solely intended to allow you to be of greater value and service to your clients. It’s hard to imagine that any corporate executive would object to your desire to increase your knowledge.

I don’t live in the U.S. Can I take the course?2023-03-12T13:10:56-04:00

Yes. Crypto is a global technology and used worldwide. So far, individuals from 8 countries have completed the Certificate program. Be aware that course content covers U.S. taxes, laws and regulations which might not be relevant for those living or working outside the United States.

Is there an application process?2023-03-12T13:11:45-04:00

No. To get started, simply choose your track and select the ADVANCED or BASIC course.

Can multiple members of my organization take the course together?2023-03-12T13:12:50-04:00

Group discounts are available. However, students enroll individually, and one certificate is awarded per enrollment.

Are there any prerequisites to taking the course?2023-03-12T13:14:28-04:00


When does the course start?2023-03-12T13:15:08-04:00

The course starts when you enroll. The program is online, self-study and self-paced. You can complete the entire program in a weekend if you binge, or you can take an entire year to complete the program. Most people complete the program in less than two weeks.

Do you keep the content up-to-date?2023-03-12T13:15:58-04:00

Yes. The course debuted in 2021 and was last revised in March 2023. The next update will occur when needed. In the meantime, we publish additional online courses with new content, all of which is free for those enrolled in the Certificate course.

If I sign up for one track, can I later switch to a different track?2023-03-12T13:20:06-04:00

Yes. If you decide to switch to a different track, we will credit 75% of your tuition to the other track.

How do you distinguish between a financial advisor and a financial professional?2023-03-12T13:22:57-04:00

Financial advisors directly serve clients. Financial professionals work in the financial services industry but are not client-facing.

What happens if I don’t finish the course?2023-03-12T13:31:15-04:00

You have one year to complete the Certificate course. If you don’t finish, you would have to re-enroll and start again. The average student completed the course in less than two weeks, so it’s likely that you’ll complete the course with flying colors!

What form of payment do you accept?2023-03-12T13:37:12-04:00

Individual enrollments are paid via credit card. Group purchases are invoiced. We don’t accept crypto because the people taking the course don’t yet know how to pay that way! 😊

What web browser do you recommend for viewing the course?2023-03-12T13:39:13-04:00

You should use Chrome or Internet Explorer.

What devices can I use to access the course?2023-03-12T13:40:02-04:00

We recommend accessing the course via your desktop or laptop computer. You can also access the course via mobile or tablet platforms.

Are the videos downloadable?2023-03-12T13:40:42-04:00

No. You must have internet access to access the course.

Must I complete the modules in a specific order?2023-03-12T13:43:46-04:00

No. However, for best comprehension, we recommend you take the modules in the sequence presented.

Once I enroll, how soon can I start?2023-03-12T13:44:30-04:00


How long does it take to complete the course?2023-03-12T13:46:04-04:00

You can complete the entire program in a weekend if you binge, or you can take an entire year. Most people complete the program in less than two weeks.

Do I have to pass a test?2023-03-12T13:47:12-04:00

Yes. You’ll take a quiz upon completion of each module, and you must score 70% or higher in order to proceed to the next module. If you don’t pass, you simply re-take the quiz. You must pass all the quizzes in order to obtain your Certificate and earn your CE credits.

Will I earn college credit?2023-03-12T13:48:22-04:00


Do I have to complete the course within a certain period?2023-03-12T13:49:16-04:00

Yes. Your enrollment expires after one year.

Will I receive a physical certificate that I can display in my office?2023-03-12T13:51:09-04:00

Yes. Shortly after you You will receive a PDF of your Certificate that can print and frame.

I can’t access the videos.2023-03-12T13:59:27-04:00

Check your internet connections, and your browser and browser extensions. You may need to restart your device or perform a Windows update.

If I have questions about the course content, can I contact the faculty?2023-03-12T14:13:56-04:00

You’re welcome to engage with DACFP via LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also send questions to education@dacfp.com.

What if I have other administrative or operational questions about the DACFP Learning Center or the Certificate course?2023-03-12T14:18:49-04:00

Send your questions to education@dacfp.com.

Are refunds available?2023-03-12T14:20:00-04:00

Yes. You can obtain a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase, subject to a 3% processing fee. No refund is provided if any course content has been viewed. Send refund requests to education@dacfp.com.

Can I purchase the course as a gift?2023-03-12T14:23:11-04:00

Yes. Contact education@dacfp.com to learn more.

Do you offer a White Label Program?2023-03-12T14:24:13-04:00

Yes. We can create a customized course for your organization to fit your needs – anything from 3-minute segments to a comprehensive 18-hour program – under your brand and logo. You can use your White Label Program to train your staff or in a marketing campaign to attract new business! Contact education@dacfp.com to learn more.

Do you offer any organizational discounts?2023-03-12T14:25:29-04:00

Yes. Many organizations have discovered that they can use the Certificate program to get their team fluent in crypto quickly, easily and inexpensively. And we’re happy to provide a group discount.

Many firms obtain group discounts so they can provide free enrollments to advisors, creating goodwill and generating sales. Contact education@dacfp.com to learn how the Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets can help build your business.

If I complete one track, can I later enroll in a different track and get a discount?2023-03-12T14:26:25-04:00

Yes. Your additional enrollment must use the same contact information as your original enrollment. Contact education@dacfp.com to learn more.

What are the benefits of group enrollment?2023-03-12T14:29:58-04:00

Your organization can receive a tuition discount, saving everyone money. Contact education@dacfp.com to learn more.

How do I enroll?2023-03-12T14:31:49-04:00

Select your course at the DACFP Learning Center and follow the easy online payment process.

I have enrolled. How do I access the course?2023-03-12T14:32:25-04:00

You can access the modules 24/7 by visiting the DACFP Learning Center.

Is DACFP accredited or licensed by any organization?2023-03-14T01:28:46-04:00

DACFP’s courses, including its Certificate program, are approved by the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards and the Investments and Wealth Institute to award Continuing Education credits. DACFP is also endorsed by the Investment Adviser Association, Money Management Institute, Financial Planning Association, National Association of Professional Financial Advisors, XY Planning Network and others.

How do the tracks differ?2023-03-14T01:31:22-04:00

Each track is tailored to needs of four different audiences:
Financial Advisor Track – this is the track you want if you’re serving clients.
Financial Professionals Track – if you’re in the financial services industry but not client-facing, this track is for you.
Crypto Professionals Track – Have you recently been hired by a crypto company? This track will get you trained quickly so you can become productive faster!
Consumer/Investor/Student Track – this is everyone’s opportunity to learn about crypto!
And, each of the above tracks offers a Basic Course that provides foundational knowledge, and an Advanced Course if you want to learn even more. Click any of the above links to see complete course details.

Can I purchase a single module without enrolling into the entire course?2023-03-14T01:32:43-04:00

No. The Certificate modules are only available to those enrolled in the program. However, we do offer separate courses on a variety of crypto topics that are not covered by the Certificate course. All of these separate courses are available at no cost to those enrolled in the Certificate course. If you are not enrolled, these individual classes are $299 each.

Is financial assistance available?2023-03-14T01:33:30-04:00

Scholarships are available to qualifying financial advisors.

Do you provide me with a digital badge that I can display on LinkedIn?2023-03-14T01:34:05-04:00

Yes. Immediately upon completion of the course, you will receive an email from Credly that shows how to easily post your badge on your LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts.

Do you offer Continuing Education credits?2023-03-14T01:35:36-04:00

Yes, for the CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, and RMA® designations. Depending on the track you select, and whether you choose the Advanced or Basic programs, you’ll earn 12 to 18 CE credits for completing the Certificate course, as show in the chart below.

Don’t need CE credits? No problem! You’ll benefits from the education you obtain regardless of whether you need CE credits.

How do I receive my CE credits?2023-03-14T01:40:29-04:00

For those holding the CFP designation: To receive your CE credits, be sure to list your CFP Board ID in your User Profile. We’ll submit your CE credits to the CFP Board for you, within two weeks of your completing the course. If you don’t receive word about your CE credits from the CFP Board after two weeks, contact us education@dacfp.com.

For those holding the CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC® or RMA® designations: Upon completion of the Certificate course, you may report CE credit yourself.

I forgot my username or password.2023-03-14T01:41:21-04:00

If you forgot your username or password, you can reset them visiting the DACFP Learning Center and:

  1. In the top right corner, select “Login”
  2. Click “Forgot Password?”
Are discounts or scholarships available?2023-03-14T01:46:01-04:00

Yes. Dozens of organizations have arranged for their advisors, employees or members to receive a discount when you enroll in the Certificate course. Check out the list – and if you don’t see your organization listed, ask them to contact us!

We also offer a 100% Tuition Scholarship to qualified financial advisors. See if you qualify.

If I sign up for the Basic course, can I later switch to Advanced?2023-03-23T11:02:08-04:00

Yes. Reach out to education@dacfp.com with your request.

For how long can I use the CBDA Designation after I complete the course?2023-08-18T14:18:00-04:00

You can use the CBDA Designation for one year following successful completion of the course. After one year, you’ll be invited to complete an Update Course; when you complete it, you’ll get additional CE credit, continued access to all of DACFP’s content plus the right to continue using the CBDA Designation. There is a modest renewal fee for completing the Update Course.

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