I’ve been involved in crypto since 2012, and I’ve dealt with folks like you since the beginning. To be honest, I’m getting pretty tired of the diatribes and hand-wringing, bolstered by vague accusations and wild claims. So, here’s my reply to everything you wrote: Prove It. You’ve made 12 accusations. Show me the proof. Give me the evidence. Don’t just recite what you’ve heard, and don’t just repeat the claims of others who reflect your viewpoint – so common an error it even has a name (confirmation bias). Instead, show me the data. I’m willing to listen. If you can demonstrate to me that your facts are correct, that crypto is being used by people to engage in murder for hire (seriously!?!?) then I’d like to see the facts. And if you can’t, then please consider that maybe just maybe your views are incorrect and you ought to consider adopting a different point of view.