I have a question for you:

  • One coin I bought switched blockchains and is no longer accessible to US residents
  • Another coin I bought on Uniswap, but their main website (which is where you can stake it—which is what I want to do with it while I HODL it) is only available to non-US persons.

In the Defi world, most people say “just use VPN” [to get around this non-US limitation] and think nothing of it. I read that most of these protocols do this because they don’t want to deal with US regulators and this gives them immunity / “covers their bases.”

My question is: Are people in the US who use VPN to interact with these non-US protocols breaking any laws? Or, are US citizens “okay” to interact with these coins/protocols from a legal standpoint, but just “do so at their own financial risk” (like, the US isn’t going to help them if they lose their money…which, the US isn’t doing much to help US crypto investors anyway!!! … LOL, sigh).

I just don’t want to be going to jail or paying some crazy fine because I used a VPN to interact with “Non-US” protocols. I am okay taking the financial liability, I just don’t want to incur a legal liability from the US government.


Stop asking me questions you already know the answers to. I’m too busy to give people the answers they want to hear, when they know those answers are the wrong answers.

Of course you’d be breaking the law. And shame on those who are encouraging you to do it. Those crypto bros are everything that’s wrong with crypto – and they’re the ones giving Gary Gensler and Elizabeth Warren and Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffet all the ammunition they need to call crypto nothing more than a tool used by criminals.

In case I really need to say it: Do not break any laws. Do not engage in tactics that attempt to dodge any flaws. And STOP ASKING ME FOR PERMISSION TO DO SO.