Hi Ric. OK, the bitcoin spot ETF is here! Great. So. I own some bitcoin thru Coinbase. Does it pay to sell it and buy a bitcoin ETF? I’m looking for long-term investment. Haven’t heard much about this. Thanks. Harvey

It’s up to you; there are pros and cons.

The ETF is more convenient, as it can be added to the rest of your portfolio at your brokerage account, like Schwab. Makes it easier to rebalance and dollar cost average.
Tax reporting is easier. Included in your 1099 from Schwab. Coinbase does not provide this
ETFs only trade on workdays. At Coinbase you can trade 24/7/365
You pay no fees to hold; the ETF has an annual fee. (most ETF fees are much lower than Coinbase’s trading commissions)

So, your call.