Hi Ric. Have been following with interest your podcasts & updates about the SEC finally giving the approval for eleven separate Spot Bitcoin ETF offerings and trying to educate myself on the specific differences/similarities of the various selections as well as the overall tax implications to consider. Regarding the latter, from what I’ve gathered up to this point, it would seem to me that the preferred account structure to hold these ETFs would be in a Roth IRA due to the less burdensome tax implications & different treatment from more traditional investments, especially if one is planning on that bucket of assets being the last category to be tapped. As a reference, my wife & I are in our late sixties both with traditional and Roth IRA assets as well as a comfortable amount of non-qualified investments (with a portion of our qualified retirement assets under EFE mgmt). Would appreciate your input. Thank you.

A lot of people argue that IRAs, and Roths, are the best way to invest. That’s true for many assets, not just crypto. But your ability to do that is limited, and thus you might be forced to invest in taxable accounts. So talk to a tax advisor about it before proceeding.