I use to hear you on the radio and if I remember correctly, you advised people about general financial questions. I really liked the show. And now , it seems you have advice and you comment on mainly things like bit coin. Why is this?

Actually, only about 20% of my podcasts pertain to crypto. If it seems like a lot more than that, then it’s probably because you’re not vey interested in the topic and therefore the commentaries are more noticeable to you.

I devote as much attention to it as I do because this is best wealth-building opportunity of the decade, and yet few people know much about it. Lots of education is needed, and that’s the role I serve. So instead of questioning why I cover it so much, a better approach is to question why you aren’t focusing more on what I’m actually saying about it – and why. This topic is really important.

But it’s not the only important topic. There are 4 others: longevity, retirement security, exponential technologies, and health & wellness. I cover all these extensively, and I don’t know anyone else who is. That’s a shame, for these are the topics that matter most to investors and advisors today