Pretty much everyone buys fractions of bitcoin. That’s because a single bitcoin costs about $42,000 (as I write this). Few people can afford that. So although everyone talks about “buying bitcoin” very few (other than wealthy investors) actually do. What they are actually doing is buying a piece (fraction) of a bitcoin. These are called Satoshis, named after bitcoin’s inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto. Think of these as the difference between a dollar and a penny. A penny is one-hundredth of a dollar; it takes 100 pennies to equal a dollar. In the case of bitcoin, a single satoshi is one-hundred-millionth of a bitcoin; it takes 100 million Satoshis to equal one bitcoin. So when you buy $1 worth of bitcoin, you’re getting a tiny tiny tiny fraction of a bitcoin. And as you buy more Satoshis, you eventually accumulate enough to equal one bitcoin. This is why enthusiasts like to say they are “stacking Sats!” – they are accumulating Satoshis!

So, every crypto exchange, like Coinbase, and every bitcoin fund, actually is letting their investors obtain Satoshis. Simple.