Yes, Todd. All ETFs are eligible for investment inside any type of IRA as as self-directed 401(k) accounts (which are available in many employer plans). You’re buying shares of an ETF, and ETFs are securities, and securities are permitted inside retirement accounts. You’re not buying bitcoin when you buy a spot bitcoin ETF. Same when you buy stock ETFs – you’re not buying shares of stock; you’re buying shares of the ETF, which is buying the stocks or the bonds or the real estate or the gold or the bitcoin or whatever. Simple, easy. This is why there’s going to be such a large asset flow into these ETFs – most people have most of their money in IRA and while they can’t easily use that money to buy bitcoin, they can use it to buy these ETFs.

Note that I said “easily.” There are actually qualified crypto IRA custodians – my favorite is Choice, where I have accounts and am an investor – that do let you buy bitcoin, Ethereum and dozens of other digital assets (as well as cows and horses, but that’s another story). Most people will start with these new spot bitcoin ETFs but they’ll soon realize that all they’re getting is bitcoin. If you want more diversification, you’ll want to look at Choice.