I’m a little confused about Defi. Laura Shin explained that you could stake let’s say Ethereum and keep control by using your own wallet and yet Mount Gox people never will reimbursed or never received back their money in each instance it seems to me that they are pooling their money which means you’re putting it over or giving it over to some black chain to provide liquidity. has that changed? I guess what I’m trying to say is with Mount Cox did they actually just move their Ethereum or whatever other token or coin over to Mount Gox’s block chain and now you can keep control of your coin and keep it in your cold wallet, and still provide liquidity or stake it? I hope I’m making some kind of sense.

Not sure what Laura said vs what you heard, so let’s start over.

When you stake coins, you are posting them as collateral. If the node goes offline or tries to validate faulty data, you could lose your coins. And if you join a staking pool, they’ll take a cut of your staking profits. Also, often when staking, you’ll be required to lock your coins for a period of time – reducing your liquidity.

Mt. Gox was a scam, and there’s no point in trying to explain what happened in the context of legitimate business activities. Set that aside. One lesson, though: do your best to select a valid crypto custodian.