The article doesn’t bust the myth; it merely describes the story that’s in the new book. The story itself is old – 10 years old. Although Satoshi and early bitcoiners believed that transactions are anonymous, it was quickly determined – as the book and article explain – that transactions are merely pseunonymous – meaning we know what was done, but not necessarily whodunit. This is how Silk Road was shut down back in 2013. It is also why Hamas told its supporters last year to stop sending them bitcoin, because the Israelis and other governments were able to track and seize the money. For a decade now, law enforcement has been clear that it loves bitcoin, because digital money leaves a digital footprint – something you don’t get with cash.

I wasn’t familiar with how the anon-link was quashed, and it’s a fun but geeky read. Not sure many will care about the how; they’ll care only (and rightly) that bitcoin is not anonymous. I haven’t seen anyone make that claim in many years.