There are roughly 13,000 Registered Investment Advisors in the United States, managing more than $4 trillion in client assets. Indeed, two-thirds of all investors rely on their advisors for investment management.

The vast majority of investor assets are managed by their advisors on a discretionary basis–meaning you don’t have to try to find millions of individual investors to make your company a success. Instead, all you have to do is reach their advisors–if the advisor says yes, then the clients of that advisor automatically say yes, too. Thanks to DACFP’s leadership, we can provide you access to these RIAs, giving you the platform you need to demonstrate the value of your products and services.

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Create more awareness and visibility for your brand among the nation’s independent RIAs

Become established as a thought leader in RIA and digital assets communities

Benefit from networking opportunities to reach your target market

Generate more business to your firm

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