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Security Tokens: Not What You Might Think

Has someone suggested that you invest in a security token? Make sure you understand them before you invest. In the crypto world, tokens are a means of exchange, and we can generally think of them as similar to shares and coins, just a different (third) name. There are many kinds of tokens, and we’ll focus here on security tokens.

Understanding Digital Wallets

Part of the appeal of bitcoin and other digital assets is that they are not controlled by a central authority. But that also means there’s no “help button.” So, if you lose your private key, your bitcoin is gone forever, and if someone obtains your private key, they can steal your bitcoin.

Take Your Blinders Off

Last week, I posted a question on my LinkedIn page: “Why does it take 3 days at a cost of 3% to send money from New York to London via your bank, when you can do it in 10 minutes for $2 with #bitcoin?

Why You Need To Know About NFTs

2021 was the year non-fungible tokens (NFTs) became a multi-billion-dollar industry, with $23 billion in sales. The year before, volume was just $14 million. At first glance, NFTs look like pure hype. But there’s much more to this technology than pixelated art and bored apes. It’s an entirely new kind of commerce. Here’s what you need to know.

Dogecoin Is A Danger To Us All

Four percent of U.S. adults 18-65 own bitcoin. That percentage could easily lead you to conclude that there’s little consumer interest. But you couldn’t be more wrong: 63% of adults describe themselves as crypto curious, according to a recent survey by Gemini, a crypto exchange.

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