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Crypto Isn’t Just An Investment. It’s An Entirely New Economy.

Special Contribution by Jake Ryan, Tradecraft Capital

Remember the early days of the internet when, unless you were a programmer, it wasn’t entirely clear why computers needed to talk to each other? And then just a few years later we couldn’t imagine a world without the internet? That’s how I see blockchain, the technological breakthrough that made Bitcoin, Ethereum and countless other crypto apps possible.[…]

Still Hate Bitcoin? You’re Fast Becoming a Minority

Four percent of U.S. adults 18-65 own bitcoin. That percentage could easily lead you to conclude that there’s little consumer interest. But you couldn’t be more wrong: 63% of adults describe themselves as crypto curious, according to a recent survey by Gemini, a crypto exchange.[…]

The Premium/Discount Feature of Digital Asset OTC Trusts

Buy $100 worth of bitcoin. Assuming the price doesn’t change, and ignoring expenses, how much bitcoin do you own? It’s not a trick question, but yeah, it’s a trick. You might be surprised to discover that you could own more or less than $100 worth of bitcoin. This article explains how this can happen. […]

Dogecoin is a Danger to Us All

Blockchain and digital assets, which have already entered the mainstream, continue to gain momentum. Naysayers look increasingly foolish with their wave-of-the-hand dismissiveness (“It’s just a fraud!,” “It’s just a fad!”) and name-calling (“It’s rat poison squared!”) as investors demand better reasons to reject the legitimate and undeniable investment thesis these revolutionary technologies offer. […]

Bitcoin vs. Gold

Every financial advisor knows someone who’s a gold bug. Folks who distrust the government, eschew paper assets and fear inflation wrought by monetary and political instability. They want to hold their money – and besides, gold is pretty to look at.[…]