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Dogecoin Is A Danger To Us All

Four percent of U.S. adults 18-65 own bitcoin. That percentage could easily lead you to conclude that there’s little consumer interest. But you couldn’t be more wrong: 63% of adults describe themselves as crypto curious, according to a recent survey by Gemini, a crypto exchange.

Bitcoin vs. Gold

Every financial advisor knows someone who’s a gold bug. Folks who distrust the government, eschew paper assets and fear inflation wrought by monetary and political instability. They want to hold their money – and besides, gold is pretty to look at.

They’re Bitcoin ETPs, Not ETFs, Unless You’re a Finance Geek

Think you know the latest on bitcoin ETFs? Guess again! Dive into this short article to see why everyone’s calling them Bitcoin ETFs, when they’re really ETPs in disguise. An essential read for every savvy financial advisor.

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