Custodians for Digital Assets

Digital Asset Custodians offer safekeeping of their customers’ digital assets. They do so by securely holding private keys, so no one can access the digital assets.

Prime Trust

Prime Trust is a qualified custodian that offers custody as well as sub-custody to various types of accounts. It focuses on securing digital assets by using specialty API focusing on build and scale in a secure manner.


BitGo is a regulated trust company under the Division of Banking in South Dakota. Cold storage assets are held in segregated accounts, insured, and secured by BitGo’s peer-reviewed multi-signature security.

Copper offers custody through online and offline technology giving access to more than 150 digital assets. Specializing in multi-party computation, Copper can co-sign transactions remotely without risk of private key exposure, so users can configure their wallets offline and online.

Fidelity Digital Assets

Fidelity Digital Assets is one of the world’s largest diversified financial services providers. Its custody service uses cold storage and additional multilevel safeguards. The company integrates top-of-the-line trade execution into its custody platform.

Other Custodians for Digital Assets