Digital Asset Custodians offer safekeeping of customer’s digital assets. This is accomplished by using cryptographic encryption in order to safely secure private digital keys.

Custodians ensure safekeeping of the digital asset by holding the private key of the owner of the asset, so no one can access the digital asset. Digital assets are built with encryption that secures a record of the transaction on a distributed ledger making it nearly impossible to alter, bringing an extra level of security to this space.

There are various methods of custody such as self-custody, exchange wallets, and third-party custody. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Investors can hold their digital assets in cold storage where private keys are stored offline, hot storage where keys are accessed online via private key, through multi-signature wallets which requires provides an additional layer of security to hot wallets, and lastly on smart contract wallets which are specific to custody of smart contract protocols such as Ethereum or Cardano.

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Prime Trust

Prime Trust is a qualified custodian that offers custody as well as sub custody to various types of accounts. They focus on securing digital assets by using their specialty API focusing on infrastructure to build and scale in a secure manner.


Fidelity Digital Assets is one of the world’s largest diversified financial services providers, their custody service takes a cold storage approach. They also offer multilevel safeguards within this offline cold storage framework. Fidelity Digital Assets focuses on integrating top of the line trade execution into their custody platform.


Copper Co. focuses offers custody through dual online and offline technology giving access to over 150 digital assets. Specializing in multi-party computation Copper is able to co-sign transactions remotely without risk of private key exposure. The user can then configure their wallet offline and online ensuring security through various shards of the digital asset.


Anchorage Digital is the first federally charted digital asset bank in history and is a qualified custodian. Anchorage utilizes their own hardware to safely secure digital assets in an efficient manner with 90% of transactions processing in under 15 minutes. They also offer customization to fit clients needs and industry leading insurance products to protect digital assets.

Brown Brothers Harriman
Custody Digital Group
Hex Trust
Tetra Trust Company

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