Digital Assets Estate Attorneys

Digital Assets Estate Attorneys help to serve clients in making plans on how to preserve their digital assets for future generations.

Clients must keep an inventory of all digital assets they own as well as understand the terms of use regarding access and control of the data. Digital assets do not have a beneficiary designation meaning one must place transfer instructions through their estate plan to ensure proper distribution of assets.

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Dilendorf Law Firm offers cutting-edge strategic, transactional and regulatory solutions to a wide range of participants in the blockchain and FinTech space – token issuers, cryptocurrency exchanges, traditional and crypto investment funds, as well as businesses and managers looking to integrate blockchain technology into their existing business and investment models.

Hutt Capital

Planning for your digital assets is every bit as important as thinking through the particulars of your physical belongings, real estate and financial accounts. With a little bit of planning, an experienced law firm like McCord & Hemphill can make sure that the person responsible for your estate has the information and legal authority to manage your assets.

Gutman Law

Guttman Law can assist you with all forms of digital asset planning. We can help you prepare for what will happen to all of your data, including online accounts, password-protected files, digitally stored media, and more.

Accolade Partners

At Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC, our respected Cary estate planning attorneys can help you ensure proper access to and distribution of your digital assets when you become unable to speak for yourself.

Anthony S. Park, PLLC
E.A. Goodman Law
Estate & Probate Legal Group
Frost Law
Gordon Fischer Law Firm
Harrison Estate Law
Hart David Carson, LLP
John Mangan, P.A.
Murphy & Berglund, PLLC
Paul Black Elder Law & Estate Planning
Poole Shaffery
Singh Law Firm
White and Bright LLP

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