Digital Assets SMA Providers

An SMA is a portfolio created for a single investor, and managed by a financial advisor or investment firm. Unlike mutual funds and ETFs, where investors own shares of the fund instead of the underlying securities, the securities in an SMA are owned directly by the investor. SMAs thus offer customization not available with mutual funds or ETFs, and thus can more closely reflect an investor’s objectives, risk tolerance and other needs. Digital assets held in an SMA are placed with a qualified custodian.


Arbor Digital offers responsible digital asset investment management through its first-of-its-kind SMA designed specifically for the digital asset class. Arbor provides RIAs and their clients the True Digital Asset SMA™ offering, using qualified custodians to ensure compliance and security. Arbor provides a depth of experience in the digital asset investment space as well as a low-cost, diverse, and efficient strategy for RIAs who wish to offer their clients direct exposure to this emerging asset class.

The Bitwise BTC/ETH Equal Weight SMA provides equal-weighted exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum, rebalanced quarterly. With separately managed accounts, an investor directly owns all of the crypto assets in the account (unlike with a fund or other pooled investment vehicle). The crypto assets are held by a qualified custodian* and can be easily monitored and reported on by their financial advisors.

BITRIA SMA Network provides the “easy onramp” to digital asset investing for advisors looking for the simplicity of investing in a trust or fund with the tax advantages, flexibility, and multiple asset s of owning the underlying digital assets. SMA partners have expertise in digital assets and manage all aspects of the clients’ journey from onboarding through portfolio management.


Eaglebrook Advisors is a tech-driven investment manager specializing in digital assets. Eaglebrook’s SMA platform provides seamless onboarding, tax optimization, and custom investment strategies tailored specifically for advisors. Assets are secured in an offline, institutional grade custody account at Gemini Trust Company.


The Franklin Templeton Digital Assets Core and Franklin Templeton Digital Assets Core Capped SMAs utilize model portfolios provided by Franklin Templeton to Eaglebrook Advisors on a non-discretionary basis. These SMAs provide direct access to digital assets and leverage the quantitative and fundamental (tokenomics) research of the Franklin Templeton Digital Assets team.

Rubicon Crypto bridges the gap between the digital and traditional investment worlds. It offers familiar, common sense investment solutions that bring asset allocation and disciplined professional management to the emerging digital asset space.

Other Digital Assets SMA Providers