Blockchain Research and Analytics Firms

These firms provide valuable research, market data, and software services, including on-chain analytic information tracking real-time transaction flows and participant behavior, which helps determine valuation strength and cyclical patterns.


Amberdata is a blockchain and crypto asset market data provider.


AnChain provides smart contract intelligence to protect financial institutions and government agencies from bad actors within the digital asset space.

Delphi Digital

Delphi Digital has built a strong reputation across each of its primary verticals (Research, Labs, Ventures) and is widely considered the premier research firm dedicated to the
crypto and digital asset market. Delphi’s client base includes many of the industry’s most prominent funds, financial institutions and investors.

Delphi Digital

Osprey’s research focuses on Layer 1 tokens, the primary backbone for the creation of the new internet. Their research will include extensive, data-driven reports outlining investment cases for specific coins and reviewing competitive advantages as well as base case valuations and price targets for bull and bear market conditions.

Fidelity Digital Assets (Sherlock)

Sherlock is a digital assets and analytics solution that helps institutional investors evaluate the market. It is offered by Fidelity Digital Assets.

Other Blockchain Research and Analytics Firms