Estate Attorneys

These attorneys help clients preserve their digital assets for future generations.

Anthony S. Park, PLLC

Park represents clients worldwide as their professional executor, trustee, or probate lawyer. The team is skilled at working with courts, taxes, banks, and all other bureaucracies associated with the probate process.

Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

Brady Cobin helps clients ensure proper access to and distribution of their digital assets.

Dilendorf Law Firm

Dilendorf helps businesses integrate blockchain technology into their existing business and investment models. They offer cutting-edge legal, strategic, and regulatory solutions for token issuers and crypto exchanges, as well as for traditional and crypto investment funds

E.A. Goodman Law

Goodman is a premier elder law and estate planning firm serving clients in New Jersey. Its services range from planning small estates to complex planning for high-net-worth individuals. Its attorneys also design succession planning strategies for clients who operate closely held businesses and professional practices.

Other Digital Assets Estate Attorneys