Digital Assets SMA Providers

An SMA is a portfolio created for a single investor and managed by a financial advisor or investment firm. Unlike mutual funds and ETFs, where investors own shares of the fund instead of the underlying securities, the securities in an SMA are owned directly by the investor. SMAs thus offer customization not available with mutual funds or ETFs, and therefore can more closely reflect an investor’s investment objectives, risk tolerance and tax situation.

DAiM manages institutional investments in separately managed accounts according to a custom plan for a fixed fee.

Honeycomb Digital
Honeycomb Digital offers a, SMA platform for professional wealth managers

Kingsly Capital Management
Kingsly Capital manages and sub-advises digital asset portfolios for individuals, institutions, family offices, and RIAs.

Leavenworth Capital
Leavenworth Capital is a quantitative investment firm that manages cryptoasset strategies for individuals, institutions, RIAs & financial advisors. The firm uses proprietary analytical and trading models to drive its views and generate alpha for clients.

ONE Digital SMA
ONE Digital SMA, a separately managed account powered by Coinbase Prime technology opens secure access to institutional-quality investment strategies in digital assets.

PM Squared Financial
PM Squared’s investments span the full range of blockchain possibilities. Its solution leverages blockchain technology with experience from the traditional securities world.

Rubicon Crypto
Rubicon Crypto bridges the gap between the digital and traditional investment worlds. It offers familiar, common sense investment solutions that bring asset allocation and disciplined professional management to the emerging digital asset space.

Willow Crypto
Willow Crypto specializes in digital asset management. It creates professionally managed portfolios to provide core exposure to the most promising digital assets and tactical allocations to emerging and evolving trends.