Hedge Funds

Hedge funds invest in securities or other investments with the goal of generating outsized positive returns. Regulations allow them to pursue strategies that other vehicles cannot. As a result, both gains and losses can be high. Hedge funds are typically limited to institutional and accredited investors.


BlockTower is a crypto and blockchain investment firm, applying professional trading, investing and portfolio management to this digital asset class. BlockTower focuses on thematic investments and event-based trading strategies.

Ikigai Asset Management

Ikigai Asset Management is a long/short multistrategy hedge fund investing in digital assets. The firm seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns through the execution of venture stage pre-ICO investments and both systematic and fundamental liquid hedge fund strategies.

The Tradecraft Autonomy Fund is a macro thesis-driven crypto fund. The Fund delivers asymmetric returns by investing in blockchain technology projects directly via crypto assets. We are a more conservative fund guided by an investment thesis driven by a whole new cluster of innovations, delivering the next long-wave economic cycle we call the Age of Autonomy.

Pythagoras Investments

Pythagoras Investments manages a crypto arbitrage trading fund and a crypto trend-following fund. Pythagoras has $100 million in AUM, a seven-year track record and a team of 10 full-time quant traders and programmers trained at Harvard and Columbia.