Double VISION Sessions


Why Bitcoin Will Rise to $420,000 – It’s not a prediction. It’s simple arithmetic.

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

You’ve heard many crypto enthusiasts offer predictions about the future price of bitcoin. There’s typically some vague assertion that “bitcoin is future of money” or “it’s a better store of value than gold.” Such statements are difficult (if not impossible to quantify. So, join Ric Edelman for this clarifying session – where he ignores the passion of the Crypto Bros and instead combines basic facts with simple, realistic assumptions – and a little bit of simple arithmetic – to explain not only why bitcoin’s future price will exceed $400,000, but how you can easily use your own assumptions to arrive at your own calculation. This session is essential for anyone who’s skeptical about bitcoin as well as those who want to learn how to easily explain the crypto phenomenon to clients.

Ric Edelman, Founder | Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals


Fireside Chat: The CFTC, Bitcoin & Digital Dollars

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

The Honorable J. Christopher Giancarlo served as the thirteenth Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Considered one of “the most influential individuals in financial regulation,” Chris and Ric will discuss a range of topics from Chris’s leadership of the CFTC, the launch of Bitcoin Futures, his book, “CryptoDad” and his co-founding of the Digital Dollar Project.

Ric Edelman talks with:
J. Christopher Giancarlo, Senior Counsel | Willkie Farr & Gallagher,
13th Chair | U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)


How Advisors are Handling Crypto in Their Practices

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

You’ll discover how crypto has gone mainstream – and how it’s transforming the wealth management industry. This session covers client service, investment committee decisions, compliance and operations, asset custody, and more.

Ric Edelman talks with:
Marguerita Cheng, CEO | Blue Ocean Global Wealth
Michael Durso, Founding Partner, CEO | ShoreHaven Wealth Partners
Eric Pollackov, Global Head of ETF Capital Markets | Invesco


Navigating the Spot Bitcoin ETF Landscape

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

Spot bitcoin ETFs have attracted unprecedented AUM, creating opportunities for financial advisors. You’ll see how these ETFs differ from traditional offerings – and each other – and how you can explain them to your clients while you integrate them into portfolios and your overall practice management.

Don Friedman talks with:
Grant Engelbart, VP, Investment Strategist | Carson Group
Matt Horne, Head of Digital Asset Strategists | Fidelity Digital Asset Management
Matt Hougan, CIO | Bitwise Asset Management


Forget the ETFs – Bitcoin Exposure Via Other Ways

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

If you’re saying “meh” to the spot bitcoin ETF, you’ll love this session. You’ll get introduced to such alternatives as direct purchases, picks and shovels, futures ETFs, publicly traded mining companies, companies that hold bitcoin on their balance sheets, crypto SMAs & TAMPs, and even private placements for accredited investors.

Ric Edelman talks with:
Lori Van Dusen, CEO & Founder | LVW Advisors


The View from the Beltway: The Latest from Congress

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

Politicians from both parties have staked positions on crypto – even Donald Trump has weighed in. Few expect major legislation this year due to the upcoming elections, while most believe 2025 will be the “year of crypto” for Congress. Rep. Nickel will tell us what to expect from lawmakers and regulators this year and next.

Perianne Boring, Founder & CEO | The Digital Chamber talks with:
U.S. Rep. Wiley Nickel, (D-NC, 13th District),
U.S. House, Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology, Inclusion


Introducing The Spot Ethereum ETFs

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

The new spot ETH ETFs will begin trading in a matter of weeks. This session will tell you what you need to know about them – whether to use them, how to decide which of the 8 funds to use, which clients to recommend them to, how much to allocate – and how to use relative to the spot bitcoin ETFs. Your questions answered, too!

Ric Edelman talks with:
Matt Hougan, CIO | Bitwise Asset Management
Eric Pollackov, Global Head of ETF Capital Markets | Invesco


Beyond Bitcoin: What’s Next for Clients?

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

Those new to crypto typically start with bitcoin. But it doesn’t take long for neophytes to realize that there’s a lot more to crypto than just bitcoin. This session explores the rest of the crypto marketplace, helping you decide which altcoins to consider – and the future role you’ll want to serve as you strive to achieve your clients’ long-term financial goals.

Don Friedman talks with:
Bill Barhydt, Founder & CEO | Abra
Sui Chung, CEO | CF Benchmarks
Tony Pecore, SVP, Director of Digital Asset Management | Franklin Templeton


The Protocol Economy: The New Model Changing How We Do Business

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

The shift from the traditional information economy to the Protocol Economy, spawned by blockchain technology, marks a significant change in how transactions are conducted and power is distributed. Whereas the former iteration relied on centralized platforms, the Protocol Economy is characterized by decentralized, open-access protocols that enable self-executing transactions, heralding a new era of commerce with greater opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

Ric Edelman talks with:
David Alderman, Research Analyst | Franklin Templeton


The Next Big Thing: Tokenization

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

Everything is getting tokenized – driver’s license, automobile titles, real estate deeds, passports, medical records, education credentials and work histories. Tokenization lets information and value be transferred, stored and verified securely, quickly and inexpensively. In this session, you’ll discover how tokenization is revolutionizing global finance, why asset and wealth managers, big banks and fintechs are so excited about this technology, what does a future tokenized world looks like – and why advisors need to care.

Ric Edelman talks with:
Dennis Cristallo, Head of Wealth Management | Onyx by JPMorgan


The Convergence of Crypto and AI

(1 CFP/IWI CE credit)

Together, crypto and AI foster innovation and the democratization of data. In this session, we examine the opportunities and challenges created by the convergence of AI and blockchain technologies including DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure networks) and how these innovations are intersecting to change commerce on a global scale.

Ric Edelman talks with:
Lee Bratcher, President | Texas Blockchain Council
Ariel Seidman, CEO & Co-Founder | Hivemapper
Amanda Wick, Founder & CEO | The Association for Women in Crypto


Fireside Chat: In Bitcoin We Trust

(1 CFP/IWI CE credit)

Join this engaging discussion with one of bitcoin’s most prominent voices. Bitcoin maximalist and evangelist Michael Saylor. You’ll understand why Michael keeps buying bitcoin, his perspective on MicroStrategy’s $10 billion of bitcoin on the balance sheet, and his thoughts on the future of bitcoin.

Ric Edelman talks with:
Michael Saylor, Executive Chairman | MicroStrategy


Bitcoin’s Impact on the Economy and Public Policy

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

Already, more than 500 million people worldwide own bitcoin, and this number is rising rapidly. Bitcoin fosters economic inclusion, giving people access to money who currently lack it. Fractions of bitcoins (called satoshis) can be bought for tiny fractions of a penny – important for people who are living on $2 a day. So, say bitcoin reaches the highest price prediction – $5 million. A person who today owns $1,000 worth of bitcoin would find themselves owning an asset worth more than $71,000. This would be game-changing, lifting a billion people out of poverty and into the middle class.

Setting aside one’s views about bitcoin, let’s assume that this extreme bitcoin price prediction is correct. What would be the impact on the economy? Households? Employment? Inflation? The financial markets? Public policy?

This session will be an important thought experiment on a topic that no one in the crypto community has yet considered – and the results of this session will have reverberations and impact not just within the financial community but with national policy makers as well.

Ric Edelman talks with:
Ben Harris, VP & Director, Economic Studies Program | Brookings Institution
Donald Marron, Institute Fellow and Director of Economic Policy Initiatives | Urban Institute


Crypto Through the Eyes of Institutions

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

The prior hesitations about crypto among institutional investors is giving way to broader adoption. This session reveals the current thinking of institutions, and how they’re viewing bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain companies – and the allocations they’re using or developing for their portfolios.

Ric Edelman talks with:
Katherine Molnar, CIO | Fairfax County Police Officers Retirement System
Michael Allegue, CFA, Investment Officer – MassMutual Trust Investment Team | MassMutual Wealth Management


Capturing Alpha in Crypto

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

Can excess returns be generated in the crypto market? This session will cover key strategies for generating alpha, including trend following, yield farming, contrarian investing, arbitrage trading, volatility strategies and fund-of-funds – and how some managers are balancing risk with disciplined decision-making to mitigate losses.

Don Friedman talks with:
Paulo Baia, Head of Manager Research | Exponential Age Asset Management Ltd.
Mitchell Dong, CEO | Pythagoras Investments
Jake Ryan, CIO | Tradecraft Capital


Crypto and Modern Portfolio Theory

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

Learn how to add crypto to client portfolios that align with your clients’ risk appetites using Modern Portfolio Theory. This session explores the importance of diversification, covariance and correlation, so you can build optimal portfolios along the Efficient Frontier. You’ll discover how to minimize variance via various crypto investments, giving you the potential to achieve higher returns for a given level of risk, enhancing diversification and delivering better outcomes for your clients.

Ric Edelman talks with:
Cesare Fracassi, Associate Professor of Finance | University of Texas at Austin
Andrew Pratt, Investment Manager | Wiser Wealth Management


What You Need to Know about Crypto Custody

(.50 CFP/IWI CE credit)

It’s vital that you understand the nuances of crypto custody, so you can help your clients safeguard their digital assets while ensuring seamless access and management. This session helps you evaluate such key factors as security, accessibility and user control.

Ric Edelman talks with:
Aaron Kaplan, Co-CEO | Prometheum


Crypto Taxes: The Obligations of Acquiring, Owning and Disposing of Digital Assets

(1 CFP/IWI CE credit)

Many tax rules for crypto are clear, but others are not. This session will help you apply your knowledge of capital gains, gifting, step-up in basis and wash-sales to crypto – and you’ll discover that whether, when and how much tax your client owes depends on whether they mine crypto, stake it, mint it, buy it, are given it, or obtain it via an airdrop or fork. And you thought you knew the tax code!

René Chaze, Special Advisor | Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals