Are refunds available?


Yes. You can obtain a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase, subject to a 3% processing fee. No refund is provided if any course content has been viewed. Send refund requests to

Are refunds available?2023-03-12T14:20:00-04:00

I forgot my username or password.


If you forgot your username or password, you can reset them visiting the DACFP Learning Center and: In the top right corner, select “Login” Click “Forgot Password?”

I forgot my username or password.2023-03-14T01:41:21-04:00

I can’t access the videos.


Check your internet connections, and your browser and browser extensions. You may need to restart your device or perform a Windows update.

I can’t access the videos.2023-03-12T13:59:27-04:00

How do I receive my CE credits?


For those holding the CFP designation: To receive your CE credits, be sure to list your CFP Board ID in your User Profile. We’ll submit your CE credits to the CFP Board for you, within two weeks of your completing the course. If you don’t receive word about your CE credits from the CFP Board [...]

How do I receive my CE credits?2023-03-14T01:40:29-04:00

Do you offer Continuing Education credits?


Yes, for the CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, and RMA® designations. Depending on the track you select, and whether you choose the Advanced or Basic programs, you’ll earn 12 to 18 CE credits for completing the Certificate course, as show in the chart below. Don’t need CE credits? No problem! You’ll benefits from the education you [...]

Do you offer Continuing Education credits?2023-03-14T01:35:36-04:00

How long is the Certificate valid?


Your Certificate is valid for one year following successful completion of the course. You will be then be invited to complete an Update Course, which will provide you with additional CE credit and entitle you to continue promoting your achievement for another year. You’ll also have continued access to all of DACFP’s additional content for [...]

How long is the Certificate valid?2023-03-12T13:50:26-04:00
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