Issue No. 16: How To Choose The Best Crypto Conferences To Attend

Crypto conference season is fast approaching! With the pandemic waning (yay!), event organizers (including us) are happily returning to live venues for you to attend. But which events should you choose?

Here’s how you can figure out which events will benefit you, your career – and your clients. Start with these 3 simple questions:

  1. What topics do you care about? Each event tends to emphasize a theme.
  2. What level of knowledge is required for you to benefit from the presentations? Use the Goldilocks approach: find events that feature content that is neither too basic nor over your head.
  3. Who do you want to meet and network with? Each event draws a certain group of people – advisors, home office personnel, C-suite execs, crypto techies, young partying hobbyists, etc.

With your answers in mind, review the event’s:

  • History – look at last year’s event and try to find reviews. Wish you went? If not, skip this year’s offering. Is the event brand-new? If so, the sponsor and content need to be robust and unique.
  • Agenda – if the web site’s agenda is blank or fails to name speakers, skip the event. You want to see details about each session. Too many events are wing-it forums that don’t turn out to be what you expected.
  • Speaker Roster – is it filled with notable experts and industry leaders? Too often, organizers scramble to find speakers, and the event’s value suffers.
  • Sponsor List – these are the folks paying most of the costs, and they want to reach a certain audience. Are they targeting you? Are they companies you want to learn about? If no and no, don’t go.
  • Irrelevant Candy: a lot of organizers pay huge amounts of money for celebrities and entertainment. I’ve never been a fan. I want to develop my business, not listen to some aging athletes reminisce about their life. And I’ve found that high-priced entertainers tend to draw attendees who just want to party. But that’s just me; I must admit that celebs often draw lots of attendees. But are they people you want to meet?

Finally, consider your total costs: Registration fees, travel expenses, and time away from clients. Is the expense worth all that? Great events are.

How do you define a “great event”? By returning home with 2 or 3 great ideas or contacts. That might not sound like much from a multi-day, multi-thousand-dollar effort, but a single idea/connection can change your life.

And, of course, you should put high on your list the DACFP VISION Conference, June 8-9 in Austin. We’re building our roster of sponsors, speakers and networking events – and it will include a visit to a bitcoin mining facility! Three Crowns Marketing says VISION has “the most unique conference agenda items we’ve ever seen.”